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Epilogue: Daj się poznać series

Daj się poznać

The Daj się poznać contest has come to an end. Now it’s time to sum up what I did, what I didn’t do and what I learnt during this period of time.

First of all, I want to thank Maciej Aniserowicz for organizing this contest. Initiatives like this do a lot for the Polish programming community as a whole, but even more for the individual programmers who participated in the contest, and even those on the sidelines who merely observed. I consider Maciej Aniserowicz to be a life mentor and now I can brag to the Polish tech community that he is the patron saint of Polish programmers.

I think everyone who participated in this contest learnt something, whether they finished or not. I learnt a lot: of course, I learnt new technical stuff but more importantly I learnt a lot about my work style about how to organize my time. I thought about blogging for a long time but I always had an excuse: I don’t have time, my kids keep me busy, I need to sleep…I started my blog in January, but this contest helped provide content to motivate me to continue blogged. My initial goal for my blog was to write at least one post a month but the contest required two posts a week. Initially, it seemed unrealistic for me but turned out that I managed to cope. This is my biggest lesson learned from this contest: yes, you have time to write two posts a week if you organize your time wisely. Maciek - thank you for creating an opportunity for me to learn this lesson for myself.

In some cases, I was even able to write more than two posts per week. During the content I always had two posts in reserve in case something unexpected happened. I put aside 8 hours a week for this contest, and this was enough to write two posts and example code, but the contest itself also required me to create a project. This didn’t leave much time for writing the project and the project isn’t in the best condition. Despite focusing mainly on writing for this content, my goal has still been accomplished.

During the contest, I worked with new technologies. I had to create a sample project for almost every thing that I learnt. All these projects are on github, complete with posts.

The bleeding edge technologies that I used were a big obstacle in my development process. If bleeding edge technology were sharp enough to cut me in real life, then sometimes the blood would have been on the floor, the keyboard and dripping down my desk. Especially when I upgraded Angular2 and ASP.NET Core. But through this, I achieved another goal which was to learn a lot of new things.

This contest took me out of my comfort zone and I am glad for it. Now when the contest is finished, I must think about new content for my blog. For sure, I will slow down a bit because two posts a week is too much for me. I must also think about the content which I am going to present on my blog but these considerations are for another occasion. Now let’s be happy with the final post of the Daj się poznać series. Thanks once again Maciek, keep up the good work. Also, I’d like to thank my teammate Arkadiusz Benedykt who stood/sat next to me and sometimes gave me a lot of really helpful advice.

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