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"Daj się poznać" - Project details

Daj się poznać

This is my first post in the series “Daj się poznać”. I am going to mention the details of the project which I’ll be working on during the contest. I am going to create a simple yet powerful application which will allow me to add some events and notify me about them at a specific time via a specified medium. For starters, I am planing to implement sms and email notification but maybe in the future I’ll add the ability to send notifications to some IoT device.

I am going to implement this application in a way which allows me to upgrade ASP .NET Core 1.0 framework very quickly. This framework is brand new and it’s quite probable that some breaking changes will appear in the next release. So I cannot depend on it very much. I hope that ASP .NET Core 1.0 will have a lot of versions in the future but I don’t want to have a nightmare during upgrading to a newer version. Therefore, I must use architecture which prepares me for this. I don’t know exactly what this architecture will look like but I’ll write about it in future posts as the project will continue.

To implement my project I need some sort of membership system for cases like these:

  • user can sign in
  • user can sign up (I am not sure)
  • user can sign out.

Other use cases which I am going to implement are:

  • user can create event
  • user can add notification to event
  • user can add related persons to event
  • user can see list of events
  • user can delete event
  • user can change event
  • sending notifications

I’ll write more details about use cases and their implementation in future posts, but before I do this, I’ll write something about installation ASP .NET Core 1.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 and running the first web application in this operating system.

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