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Enrolling in "Daj się poznać"

Daj się poznać

Recently, Maciej Aniserowicz wrote on his blog about starting the second edition of the “Daj się poznać” competition. I’ve decided to take part in this challenge. I started my blog over three weeks ago and since then I have made two posts. I think that taking part in this contest will encourage me to have a more systematic approach to my blog. I think this contest will be a lot of fun and provide a lot of opportunities for me to learn new things. For the competition I am required to write an average of two articles a week for three months (minimum 10 weeks), and this seems like a big deal to me.

The contest will run from March to May and the winners will be announced in June. Writing a blog is only one part of this undertaking, the other is completing a project and all blog posts must be related to this project. I haven’t decided what my project will be but I have the whole of February to brainstorm. I know that I want to learn and try some new technologies, for example, ASP .NET Core 1, Angular 2, and this project will be a good occasion to do this. Maybe I will also try to use Docker, Azure or another cloud computing platform. We’ll see, but for sure I want to gain a lot experience from this project. Additionally, I am going to do this project on Ubuntu 14.04. ASP .NET Core 1 is a cross-platform framework and I am going to try it out on environments other than Windows.

As you can see, I’ll be treating this competition as source for many challenges: experiencing new technologies, regular blogging, and systematic work on my “side project”. Everything that I am going to use is currently in the Beta stage, so this is another challenge for me. We will see what happens in June. I hope this will be great fun and that I will have a lot of great experiences, so…let’s do it!

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