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Publishing to Azure

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In the last post, I wrote how I prepared my application to be ready for publishing. In this post, I am going to write about how I published my application to Azure. I believe that my client should see the results of my work as quickly as possible. For my project, I only have an Imaginary Client but imaginary or not they also deserve respect.

To publish my application to Azure, I went through following steps.

After I logged into the Azure Portal, I clicked on the New button in the top left corner.


Then I chose Web + Mobile and after this I clicked on Web App.

New Web App

This gave me a window where I could specify the App name, Subscription, Resource group and App Service plan.

New Web App name

When I clicked Create, it took a while to create my brand new application.

After this, I navigated to the application settings and inside, I chose Settings > Deployment Source > Configure required settings > Local Git Repository

Deployment source

Then I clicked Ok.

After this, I navigated to Settings > Deployment credentials and I set up a deployment user by entering a username and password.

Deployment credentials

This time the save button was at the top of this window.

Save credentials button

Then inside Settings > Properties I found GIT URL which is the url to the git repository where I should publish source code using credentials specified in Deployment credentials.

Git url

Then I added this repository as another remote in my local git repository by issuing:

git remote add azure [GIT URL]

Where [GIT URL] is the url copied from the Azure portal.

Then I entered in terminal:

git push -u azure master

After I entered this company, I was prompted to enter my password and the deployment process began. It took quite a lot of time before I was able to see my application in the browser. I found the public address of my application in Settings -> Properties.

Application url

After I clicked on it, I could see my application hosted as a Web App in Azure.

Final result

I was really surprised that the process of deployment to Azure was very easy and relatively intuitive. What surprised me the most was that Azure discovered where my web project was in the repository structure of folders. I like these kinds of things. Big kudos to the Azure team for this.

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