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Google Identity Provider with IdentityServer4

In this post, I am going to continue my series about IdenityServer4. I will write about forcing IdentityServer to use Google as an external identity token provider. Before I started, I had to register the application that will interact with Google which in my case is IdSrvHost. I am going to reuse the application that I registered in this post. However, I altered the configuration of this application a bit by enabling access to Google+ API.…

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IdentityServer4 - accessing API

In the previous post, I wrote about how to get tokens from IdentityServer using a javascript client. In this post, I am going to write about how to use this token to get access to protected resources from a sample API. As in the previous post, to achieve my goal, I used samples provided on the github repository. In this repo folder I found a sample API which I copied into my local repository.…

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Getting started with IdentityServer4

I wrote in one of previous posts about my experiments with Google Identity Provider and Implicit Flow to get access tokens which allow me to fetch resources from API. I didn’t mention IdentityServer IdentityServer in these posts, which is becoming the default choice if you want to create an identity provider in ASP .NET. I did this deliberately because I had some experiences with IdentityServer 3 and I wanted to try something new.…

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