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Free online text to mp3 converter

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Once upon a time, I had a meeting and we intended to discuss a particular document during this meeting. Of course, the other participants expected me to be prepared by reading this document. The content of this document was so fascinating that I waiting until the very last moment to read it and finally I realized that I didn’t have any time to read it. In case you haven’t realized, that last sentence was a bit of sarcasm.

What ended up happening was that 30 minutes before the meeting, I still didn’t know what was it that bloody document but I knew I needed 20 minutes to commute to the meeting. Driving a car and reading is not a good idea even during rush hour. But necessity is the mother of invention. I thought “Maybe I can convert this document to audio and I listen to it during the ride?” I would be offline during the ride so I thought I could convert this text to mp3, download the file to my phone and listen to it during my journey. “Yeah…that should be easy”, I thought.

Not at all. The document was a bit lengthy, that’s why I was procrastinating until the final moment. I started looking for an online tool to change my text to an audio format, preferably mp3, but I failed. Every online tool had some drawback. Lack of support for Polish, a limited of number of characters, and of course some of them required payment and I was looking for something free. The truth is, I was lost during the meeting. I sat there awkwardly, pretending that I knew the contents of the document, nodding along with what the other speakers were saying.

I promised myself then and there: next time I would be prepared. I would create a tool to save my ass when this kind of situation happened again. This is how the text2mp3 app originated.


It is a very simple tool which allows you to paste some text, convert it to audio, listen to it online or download it to your device. Nothing remarkable but very useful. It is free and it allows you to convert text as long as 5000 characters. Additionally, it has unpretentious, succinct GUI designed by a programmer. That was also sarcasm in case you didn’t pick it up. Please feel free to use it. Please enjoy it. And if it saves your ass please buy me a coffee.


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