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When dotPeek can save your live

This post is a little break in my investigation regarding auth stuff. To write my previous posts I had to debug a bit - and this mainly happened with code that was not mine. Debugging javascript code that is not your own is a piece of cake. You simply write debugger somewhere in the script and that’s it - the execution of this code will stop where you place the word debugger.…

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I'm holding a Project Rider EAP

I planned for the next post in the “Daj się poznać” series to be about my Ubuntu environment setup but something pretty amazing happened to me yesterday evening - I got access to an EAP of Project Rider. So this is an impromptu post which fits very well into the “Daj się poznać” series and the post which I had planned about my Ubuntu environment setup will follow next week. I had hoped to get access to an EAP version of Project Rider and it happened yesterday at about 9pm when I opened my mailbox and saw an email from JetBrains.…

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